Boldo Marches

Jebediah returns

Today’s story is of the tragic end of Lucentargai, a relative newcomer to our fair city, and one of the Duke’s charges to help make the wilderness to the north a safer place for all our citizens and of the daring rescue of Jebediah who was found alive and well held captive by the kobolds and their brazen leader.

Lucentargai, or Lou as we called him, was helping to resolve the issue with the kobolds having sabotaged our Dwarven brethren at their mining site to the west. The kobolds were crafty, and, having discovered the adventurers were near had barred themselves into a room deep underground. The party made their way deep into the darkness to root out the kobolds, and encountered the vile vermin’s hideout.

After a brief strategic conversation the adventurers charged in on the kobolds. The sneaky snakes were ready, however, and the trap was sprung. The first two in the door were Sderra and our brave Lou, who was carrying the party’s only light source against the darkness. One foot over the threshold and kobolds were flying out of the darkness to strike at them. A voice was commanding the kobolds, once the light was brought to bear it was found to be the voice of a dragon!

The party was hard-pressed, Sderra and others would have fallen that day had Lou’s bravery and mastery of divine knowledge not persevered to keep them alive. Alas the kobolds knew Lou was the strength, the backbone, the very will of the party, so they struck hardest there and separated Lou from the rest. The party was powerless to stop the kobolds from delivering a mortal blow to Lou. They reached him too late, the kobolds had finished the job.

The struggle, though, tipped their way and they finally succeeded in killing the foul beast and his minions. They found, bound in a closet, the brave Jebediah who thanked them for his rescue and was brought back to town safely. The other dwarves who went with him to work in the mine, however, fared far less well and will not be returning to their families.

Our friends Sderra, Lydia and the others are now without the support of their friend—who will step up to fill the hole left in our lives? How will they be able to continue the Duke’s tasks of clearing the dangers from the wilderness, of stopping the horrors from the woods from reaching our very doorsteps? Will it be you?


havoclad MrIce

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