Unlike the original Western Marches campaign, I am using a hex map. I have both 1 mile and 5 mile hex overlays on my master map.

To travel, the party simply picks a direction they want to go and how fast they wish to travel. Standard travel through unknown relatively flat terrain is 1 mile per hour. The party can opt to double or triple this as needed.

Risks to going faster are
  • better chance of random encounters
  • more likely to miss significant features of the area
  • more likely to get lost
  • better chance of being surprised
  • endurance checks are harder

Every hour of travel requires a fairly simple endurance check to avoid losing a healing surge. This represents the challenges of outdoor travel in this world. In general, the checks are harder the farther you get from Rothenburg.

The base DC is 5 for the 5 mile hex that Rothenburg is in. In general the DC goes up by 1 for each 5 mile hex traveled. If you find that it has gone up further, that is an indicator that you have traveled into a particularly dangerous area. You may wish to retreat…if you can!

When moving from hex to hex there is always a chance that you will not go in the direction intended. As you become more familiar with the surrounding areas these mistakes will decrease. Bringing several characters with high nature checks will help alleviate problems as well.

Instead of moving into a new hex, the party can elect to search the current hex. This gives the following benefits
  • Greatly increased chance of finding important or interesting features.
  • No increase in random encounters

Getting Lost It should go without saying that the party can expect to occasionally get lost. Keep this in mind while mapping, and in particular when comparing maps from different sessions.

Where to Go? Adventure is to be found in the land area outside of Rothenburg. There is no adventure on the seas, or in the city to be found.


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