I ran across this http://arsludi.lamemage.com/index.php/78/grand-experiments-west-marches/ a while ago and it struck me as the ideal style campaign to be run at my store.

Unfortunately, I’m in Texas, and the store is in Rochester, NY. Someday we will be united. :) In the meantime, my group here is using this as a pickup campaign running every month or so. As I get more prepared, I’d love to have multiple groups heading out from Rothenburg.

Contact me if you want to join. Thanks!

Per the rules of Western Marches campaigns, I, the DM, will be providing little or no information about the campaign other than at the game table. It is my hope that the players will use this site to exchange information about their adventures.

Current Characters and their XP are stored on Google Docs

Boldo Marches

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